5 Products to Help You Take Care of Menopausal Skin

5 Products to Help You Take Care of Menopausal Skin

Every woman in menopause knows about the infamous hot flushes. It's fair to say too that most are familiar with the mood swings, weight gain and night sweats, but dry skin at menopause, too? How did that happen?

Changes in your skin can start becoming noticeable a few years before menopause, usually around your 40s, but sometimes as early as your 30s. Oestrogen is a powerhouse hormone - it helps your body to produce collagen and the natural oils that keep your skin healthy. As oestrogen levels drop, skin feels drier, and often rougher to the touch. You might notice dry, flaky patches, and your overall complexion may look more dull and lacklustre.You may also experience itchy and irritated skin.

We know it can be tempting to pile on rich, thick moisturisers, but some can clog the skin up, so you may want to choose lighter ones that are suitable for sensitive skin. Here, we’ve rounded up 5 skincare products that have been formulated with dry, sensitive skin in mind.

1) The Defiant Beauty Cleansing and Moisturising Balm is specially formulated for extra-sensitive skin. If your skin is feeling dry and scaly during the menopause, this fragrance-free balm will help to re-hydrate it.

defiant beauty by Jennifer young - skincare for menopausal skin

2) Lyonsleaf Calendula Cream is an award-winning, home-grown moisturiser that's known to help ease dryness, irritation, and itchy skin caused by a range of issues - including the menopause.

Calendula is a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient and helps to reinvigorate skin cells. The Calendula Cream also contains oils that re-hydrate and protect the skin's natural barrier.


3) Sun safety is vital for caring for the skin and your health. Caribbean Blue Sunscreen is a 100% natural sunscreen that protects and moisturises dry and sensitive skin. This is used by women who are going through the menopause due to its intensively moisturising properties. This will protect your skin and leave it feeling protected, supple and nourished.


4) Deborah Neill Handmade Soap is made in the seaside village of Donaghadee, located on the stunning north east coast of Ireland. Each soap has different properties that will help skin feel refreshed, reinvigorated and soothed. This is perfect to use when you have dry and chapped skin caused by menopause. 



5) Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion is made with natural colloidal oatmeal. It absorbs quickly into the skin for long-lasting, non-greasy moisture. Use liberally all over your arms, legs and torso to hydrate menopause-weary, dry skin. As a bonus, it is lightly scented with lavender to help calm your mind.


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