Menopause at Work

Women now make up almost half the workforce and there are an estimated three and a half million women over the age of 50 currently in work. In addition to this, there is approximately 1-10% of the population who experience an early menopause or premature ovarian insufficiency.

For too long, the menopause has been seen as a private matter. And because of this, managers will have no awareness of the issues involved. This means many women feel that they have to hide their symptoms and will be less likely to ask for the adjustments that may help them. We believe this must change.

Live Better With Menopause work hand in hand with employers and employees to empower, educate and support.

We do this by providing the following:

Live Better With Menopause Bathroom Box - A discreet subscription based box that can be placed in workplace bathrooms, containing a curated selection of essential products to help manage the day to day symptoms and side effects associated with the menopause. 

Live Better With Menopause Desk Drawer Pack - A customisable drawer pack for female employees going through the menopause. 

Free Content:

  • Posters- Handy Guides
  • Menopause at Work Policy
  • Menopause at Work Presentation

Live Better With Menopause Workplace Workshops:

Customisable workshops conducted by a Live Better With Menopause Coach. 


We have partnered with the following organisations to support their workplace menopause programmes: 





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