More than 70% of women are not prepared for the crippling symptoms of the menopause

More than 70% of women are not prepared for the crippling symptoms of the menopause

Last month, we asked you tell us about your experience with the menopause in an online survey. We've gone through all the numbers and feedback and can finally share the result with you!


More than 70% of menopausal women were not prepared for the debilitating symptoms that ‘the change’ can bring, new research finds.

According to an online survey by Live Better With Menopause - 71% of menopausal women aged between 34-74 years old felt they did not know what to expect, with many citing they were only prepared for hot flushes but no other side effects.

More than 1.7 million women any time are going through 'the change' in the UK and symptoms can last up to a decade. Despite being an experience that every woman in her life will go through, for the vast majority, menopause is very much still shrouded in mystery.

One participator told Live Better With Menopause: “I wish someone had told me that it could affect every aspect of your body and mind. I had no idea how bad it could be and how much turmoil it would cause.”

Another agreed: “I only had heard about missing periods and hot flashes - none of which I experienced for the first 3 years. I wish there was more information so that when other symptoms began, women would not feel so anxious and scared.”


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The average age for a woman to go through 'the change' is 51, but it’s not uncommon for young women to find themselves catapulted into early menopause by way of illnesses or medical treatments such as cancer therapy.

A woman is only considered postmenopausal when she has not had a period for 12 months. In the lead up to this – a stage of life known as the perimenopause - the physical symptoms of menopause, from hot flushes to aching joints and sleepless nights, can be crippling.

From those surveyed, women admitted experiencing hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, insomnia, mood swings, fatigue, depression, loss of libido, weakness and aches, foggy brain, incontinence and changes to their skin, hair and nails.

The survey of more than 200 women aged between 34 and 74 also asked participants to rate their symptoms by intensity. From those experiencing a loss of libido, 48% rated it as severe while two-fifths experiencing weakness and aches also said it was severe.


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The research also found:

  • - 65% say menopause has affected their sex lives
  • - 75% don’t think their children understand what they’re going through
  • - 62% think menopause is a taboo topic

    Live Better With founder and CEO Tamara Rajah said: “Menopause is so much more than hot flashes. It can cause nausea, insomnia, night sweats aches, fatigue, itchy skin, a host of sexual issues, brain fog, weaker bones and memory loss.

    “But from our research, it’s clear that women are not prepared at all for what’s to come.”

    Raja continued: “We have curated hundreds of practical products to help tackle these side effects - including vaginal lubricants, hot flash sprays, essential oils and sleepwear. We’re also producing guides with valuable information and reaching out the community to share tips and advice.”

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    • Live Better With Menopause Team
    Comments 11
    • Ben-Osadolor Oluranti
      Ben-Osadolor Oluranti

      I need to know more about menopause life style.

    • Karen French
      Karen French

      Iv been going through it for the last year, my periods are very un regular, hot flushes and sometimes night sweats. I dont want sex anymore, cant sleep properly and getting a bit irritated and clumsy.. Its awful. I dont want to take the hrt so im gona plod on doing plenty exercises, deep breathing when get flushes and im taking maca root at the minute.. Good luck ladies.❤

    • Janet Allen Banks
      Janet Allen Banks

      I need to know more about living better with the menopause. I am really trying to eat well, sleep well, but it is a constant on going battle to feel ‘Ok’ on a regular basis.

    • Stacy

      I had a complete hysterectomy 5 years ago due to endometriosis which put me into menopause immediately . My life has not been the same since. I’m so tired all the time, I’ve developed anxiety, I forget so much and it’s so hard to focus. My balance is off and I find it hard to be around crowds and lots of noise it makes me feel confused. I always think there’s something wrong with me like do I have cancer or am I going to have a stroke or heart attack. It’s too much, what more than just night sweats and hot flashes. HELP

    • Gillian

      I agree. Been to doctors several times. Blank stares. Print a sheet of internet
      The only one who could explain was a Chinese women doing Accupunture on me. More help is needed.

    • Mandi

      Coming up to my menopause because i get night sweats very bad it’s not nice & also adding weight too

    • Diane Johnson
      Diane Johnson

      It’s weird as doctors are almost like they don’t want to be troubled with it. This article has forgotten one of the most common things. Which is extremely tender breasts. I know my body isn’t right and this nonsense about missing your cycle for at least 12 months is rubbish. I’ve missed 5 months. Then it was bk then gone again 3 months & bk & so on. By the time my Go finally recognises I’ve suffered for years mine will be over. Pretty sure mine started years ago and I’m 52 next month.

    • Susan CONNELL
      Susan CONNELL

      All very relevant informative and accurate and rezinate with it all as fir me its a constant battle on a daily basis .

    • Mary

      I want to learn more about living better

    • Mary

      I want to learn more about living better

    • Julia

      I have been prescribed a combined hrt livial by tibolone. What is the general feeling of hrt these days

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